Feed Market News

08 Februar 2018
Die Torwächteroption in Bezug auf die Beschaffung von Einzelfuttermitteln für Hersteller von Vormischungen und Mischfuttermitteln läuft im Dezember 2019 ab.
04 Januar 2017
Today an extension of the BCN-CN1 for one year has been published on the website of GMP+ International.
02 Januar 2017
The general impression about the Near East and North Africa is determined by violent conflicts, civil wars and religious tensions. Meanwhile, there are over 400 million consumers, of which a substantial part has high standard of living with sufficient purchase power.
18 Mai 2016
With 180 million tons mixed feed production in 2015, China is on the top of feed producing countries. The Chinese feed industry develops rapidly.
15 April 2016
Argentina is one of the largest economies in Latin America. Its economy enjoys valuable natural resources. Thanks to its large scale agricultural and livestock industry, the country is a major food producer.
24 März 2016
GMP+ employee Esther Caraballo has been updating the risk assessments for GMP+ In-ternational from quite some time. She does this from Spain.

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