GMP+ International facilitates access for Italian companies by introducing the GMP+ FSA Country Note Italy

03 Dezember 2015

On 27 November 2015, nearly 100 representatives of Italian Feed companies attended a workshop organized by GMP+ International in Bologna Italy, to introduce the GMP+ FSA Country Note Italy (GMP+ BCN-IT). Since 2010 the number of GMP+ FSA certified companies in Italy increased by 900% to almost 400 companies today, which makes this country the 6th most important country for GMP+ International. The introduction of this Country Note is the result of initiatives taken by local feed companies and certification bodies to overcome some of the most important hurdles for these companies in establishing a GMP+ feed safety management system and for getting a GMP+ FSA certificate.

The why of this country note

During the workshop representatives of GMP+ certified companies Agricola Grains S.p.A and Methodo Chemicals s.r.l., shared their experiences and bottlenecks with the audience. The chain approach, the founding concept of GMP+ FSA, often causes issues with sourcing of feed materials in countries where the density of GMP+ participants is low.

This Italian country note, a temporary standard, applicable till end 2019, is meant to address issues in the following areas;

  • Gatekeeper protocols to allow sourcing of non-assured feed materials
  • Requirements to combine the production of GMP+ assured and non-assured feed in the same production facility
  • Special conditions allowing transport companies to perform gatekeeper protocols, subject to approval of the producer or trader
  • Labelling conditions for BCN-IT and non-assured products

This country note offers Italian companies the possibility to participate in the GMP+ scheme, even when his suppliers are not yet applying a certified feed safety management system. The country note can be applied only for a few years in which assured, certified supply chains can be achieved. Products, produced with this country note, can only be placed on the local, Italian market.

Dik Wolters, Program Manager Standards of GMP+ International comments “this project is a great example how the involved stakeholders committed themselves to achieve compliance with the high GMP+ feed safety standard. They joined forces and took their responsibility to solve some issues in the long road to GMP+ feed safety assurance. Over the next months we will closely monitor the experiences of Italian companies in order to make this Country Note as practical as possible, yet ensuring safe practices.”

An Italian company can apply this country note in addition to one of the basic GMP+ standards, from the 1st of January 2016 onwards. Compliance is checked by the auditor. A successful audit results in a certificate with relevant scopes.

For details about application and certification of this country note in combination with a basic GMP+ standard, a company should contact a certification body approved for GMP+ certification by GMP+ International. Please refer to the GMP+ website.

Certification bodies, who are approved to carry out GMP+ certification, will be informed separately by GMP+ International about specific certification details.

The Italian translation of the Country Note Italy as well as a FAQ-document regarding this country note will be available shortly. For the Italian version of this newsletter please click here.


About GMP+ International

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Today, more than  14.647 companies in over 75 countries are GMP+ certified.


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