Argentina: New export perspective triggers importance of feed safety assurance

15 April 2016

Argentina is one of the largest economies in Latin America. Its economy enjoys valuable natural resources. Thanks to its large scale agricultural and livestock industry, the country is a major food producer. It is among the world’s largest beef exporters and the leading producer of soybeans products. The recently elected government of Argentina creates real export perspectives for the corn and soybean producers in that country. With almost 60 million tons soybean production it is the third biggest producer worldwide following United States and Brazil. For corn production with about 25 million ton ranks Argentina at the fourth place worldwide.

The export of soybean meal and corn is already growing since 20 years. The new policy of the government will give a new impulse to the export opportunities for soybean meal as well as corn

A substantial part of the soybeans from Paraguay is also exported via the Parana River. The region along that river has a concertation of soybean production as well as crushing plants. The soybeans are mainly (75 – 80%) exported as soybean meal. The main export destinations of the soybean meal are Asia Pacific countries (to China only soybeans), followed by Middle East and European countries.

GMP+ FSA participation

The Argentine oil seed crushers are already involved in GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance certification (GMP+ FSA certification). About 50% of the crushing plants are GMP+ FSA certified nowadays. Additionally, traders in corn and soybean meal as well as storage locations are GMP+ FSA certified. Totally, there are 57 GMP+ certified companies in Argentina.

The expected increase of export of corn and soybean meal to Middle East and Asia will also trigger more Argentine companies involved in this business. The main reason is the growing importance of feed and food safety in Asia Pacific and Middle East. 

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