Schouten Certification the first certification body to be approved for the Country Note Italy (GMP+ BCN-IT)

12 Februar 2016

During a workshop in Bologna (Italy) on November 26th 2015, the Coun-try Note Italy (GMP+ BCN-IT) was introduced. The GMP+ BCN-IT is a temporary standard that offers Italian companies a relaxation of the customary GMP+ FSA requirements, to allow for the entry of new participants in Italy. The details of this standard are available: English version / Italian ver-sion.

Comment Mr. M.E. (Evert) van de Pest, director of Schouten Certification:

“In 2012 is Schouten Certification, with the support of its Italian partner CSQA Certificazioni, began with GMP+ FSA certification in Italy. In the implementation of GMP+ audits at suppliers of feed in 2014, it became evident that the chain of Italian feed companies is organized differently than in Western Europe. It didn’t always prove possible to have all companies involved comply with the regular GMP+ requirements on short notice.

Subsequently, Schouten Certification took the initiative to – in cooperation with GMP+ International and the Italian feed companies, find a suitable generic but temporary solution that would allow new participants to enter the GMP+ chain. This has eventually resulted in the establishment of the Country Note Italy. With this, Schouten Certification gives substance to one of its key values: contributing to the continues development of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme”.


Schouten Certification is the first certification body to be approved to carry out audits in accordance with the GMP+ BCN-IT, and to issue certificates in case of correct compliance. The expectation is that other certification bodies will soon be approved to issue these certificates.


An overview by all GMP+ approved certification bodies and the scopes they audit is available in our database.

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