Feed Safety Assurance considered a competitive advantage to enter EU market

29 Februar 2016

On Thursday 11th of February GMP+ International organized already for the 4th time a seminar during the annual Agro Animal Tradeshow in Kiev. The seminar was well attend-ed by approximately 100 persons and a large number of companies, participated to ori-entate on GMP+ FSA certification. In the past 5 years the number of GMP+ FSA certifi-cates in the Ukraine grew steadily, but particularly in the past year the growth ware no-ticeable.


A variety of topics were on the programme; general developments about GMP+ International was shared, ONAFT, the Ukrainian GMP+ Academy member introduced their programme for the year and four different recently GMP+ certified companies and their consultants exchanged their experiences, motivations for certification, issues encountered and general impression with the audience. The presentations can be downloaded from the website of GMP+ International.

Motivation for FSA certification

The free trade agreement with the EU motivates Ukrainian companies to upgrade their safety management systems to the level accepted in Europe. By complying with these standards potential export markets are opened. This was mentioned as one of the main reasons for GMP+ FSA certification, by the presenters.


The very high standards of GMP+ FSA causes some challenges for companies towards certification. These challenges were also addressed during the seminar. Finding qualified suppliers (transport companies, laboratories), interpreting the GMP+ requirements to the company specific situation, understanding the EU legal requirements were just a few issues mentioned.

Registered Consultants

GMP+ International is aware of these challenges for companies and it is for this reason that they are cooperating with Registered Consultants in the Ukraine. These Consultants can assist companies towards GMP+ FSA certification and prepare the companies for the audits performed by the accredited certification bodies. An updated list of consultants can be found on the website of GMP+ International.

Despite the challenging situation many companies is Ukraine are ambitious and investing in knowledge and quality, to prepare their organizations for the future EU market. Key principle mentioned by presenters is that these initiatives are actively supported by General Management and motivation is explained throughout the entire organization. It should be a team effort.

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