The Mine Industry

Montag, 13. März 2017

For the production of feed material or feed additives sometimes raw materials come from mines. The products mined from the mines are not a feed material but a raw mate-rial. Because the mine is not producing feed, GMP+ is not required. The processing com-pany purchasing the raw materials from a mine needs to a HACCP approached to make sure the raw materials are safe. In case the mine is also the processing company, only the activities of the production of the feed should be covered in the feed safety man-agement system.

Stones from a mine are only raw materials when they are not milled more than once and not dried. As soon as the stones are processed they will be considered as feed material and the company responsible for processing needs to become GMP+ certified.

It is possible that on one site the stones are mined and part a of them are processed into feed materials (production of feed materials) and a part will be sold for other purpose. The site then needs to become GMP+ certified of the feed material production process they carry out. The raw materials can be sold outside their GMP+ scope.