New certification guidance for Oqualim certified companies

Freitag, 16. Juni 2017

Today we introduce an entirely new type of D document; a certification guidance. A certification guidance is a supporting document that helps a company obtain GMP+ certifica-tion in addition to an existing (feed safety) certification. In addition, the certification guidance also provides a clarification for the certification body / auditor focused on the certification requirements for the combined audit.

New GMP+ D5.1 Certification guidance for Oqualim certified companies

To qualify for GMP+ certification via the GMP+ D5.1 a company needs an Oqualim certificate. The GMP+ standards currently provide a number of specific requirements that must be implemented in addition, before a GMP+ certificate can be issued.

The GMP+ D5.1 helps a company identify these specific GMP+ requirements and explains why these are important for GMP+ certification. After implementation of the specific GMP+ requirements, the company can obtain a full GMP+ B1 certificate (scope: Production of compound feed) in addition to the Oqualim certificate.


Who is the certification guidance D5.1 intended for?

The D5.1 is intended for various target audiences:

  • Oqualim certified companies that want to supplement this with a GMP+ B1 certificate (paragraph 3.2).
  • GMP+ B1 certified company that want to supplement this with a Oqualim certificate (paragraph 3.3).
  • Certification bodies / auditors who want to carry out a combination audit GMP B1 and Oqualim (chapter 4).


Where can I find the new certification guidance?

The certification guide is published in English and French as of today, on the website of GMP+ international.



If you have any questions following these changes, please feel free to contact GMP+ International (Contact form)