Changes in GMP+ BA11 Performance criteria for GMP+ Registered Laboratories

Donnerstag, 29. August 2019

Changes in GMP+ BA11 Performance criteria for GMP+ Registered Laboratories

In May 2019, we shared the practical challenges regarding compliance with the requirement on the performance criteria for pesticides in the GMP+ B11 Registered Laboratory program – GMP+ BA11 Performance criteria for GMP+ Registered Laboratories.

At that time that we postponed the obligation to use a GMP+ registered laboratory for pesticide analysis until further notice. The last few months we have consulted various experts to find a solution.

Recently, the International Expert Committee (IEC) has decided, until further notice, to eliminate the requirement that pesticide analysis can only be performed by a GMP+ registered laboratory.

This means that:

  • Laboratories don’t have to be registered for pesticide testing in feed (current registrations will be withdrawn and application will not be processed);
  • Feed companies must (for pesticide analysis) select a laboratory with an accepted quality management system (see GMP+ BA10, 3.9, part B Other contaminants);
  • Statements that have already been issued, in which pesticides have been included, must be amended after their validity has expired. As from publication of this newsletter no statements cannot be issued that include pesticides.

In accordance with article 11.1 of the GMP+ A1 General Regulation, this change is implemented by an executive decree. This executive decree will be valid until publication of the following documents:

- GMP+ BA11 ‘Performance criteria for GMP+ Registered Laboratories’,
- GMP+ BA10 Minimum Requirements for Purchasing,
- GMP+ C7 ‘Assessment and certification /Inspection Criteria for GMP+ Certification/Inspection – additional / specific scopes’,
- GMP+ D3.21’ FAQ Registered Laboratory’ and
- information on the GMP+ portal.