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GMP+ International is the result of one man’s dream to ensure safe feed worldwide. After 25 years of hard work, many trips first in the Netherlands, later around the world and real determination, GMP+ is the leading feed certification scheme in the world. Johan Den Hartog is a man with a vision. Now he is ready to share all his experiences. Please check this page monthly as he shares his experiences, learnings and insights with you.

Managing Director, GMP+ International


Let’s continue the debate about transparency in feed

During a recent GMP+ International seminar in Poland, one of the speakers spoke at length (and was very flattering) about the transparency of the GMP+ FSA scheme. That wasn’t the first time the subject of transparency took center stage. The topic was also extensively discussed during our 25 year anniversary conference in Amsterdam last year.

Throughout its history, the feed sector has developed a ‘mind your own business’ mindset that’s not always helpful in times of trouble, like during contamination outbreaks. Questions like ‘how can transparency help’ and ‘when is it most needed’, were thus heavily debated during our conference.

Increasing transparency

Most of the issues raised were not solved that day. GMP+ International does not have all the answers. But listening to that speech in Poland, and to GMP+ FSA certified companies throughout the years, one thing was more than clear: as a sector, we want (and need) to be as transparent as possible. At GMP+ International, we try to set the example by offering services and tools that increase transparency throughout the feed production chain.

Sharing information

Through our GMP+ Company Database, accessible to all certified companies, we very are open about which companies are GMP+ FSA certified, and which are not (or no longer). If certified companies do not abide by the norms of our scheme, not only is their certification revoked, we inform our community about it via the Company Database and newsletters. Also, to prevent misuse and fraud, if we find that a company has unjustified been using our logo, we publicly name that company. In addition, through our GMP+ Monitoring database, we encourage certified companies to be transparent with each other as well. This database enables companies to (anonymously) share their analysis results with others, so they can use them in improving their own feed safety management system.

No safe feed without transparency

At GMP+ International, we strongly believe that feed safety worldwide is not achievable without transparency. This doesn’t mean we should open all doors. Let’s continue the debate about how much transparency would be enough. In the meantime, we are happy to take the lead.


































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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