A new home for the GMP+ community

After a year of preparations, we are proud to finally present to you the brand new GMP+ International website, GMP+ Portal and corporate identity. We set out to make your online experience as easy and pleasant as possible. The result is a new home for the GMP+ community, one that is both informative and accessible.

GMP+ International
GMP+ International, logo 2018

Leading up to our 25 year anniversary last year, we decided it was time for a complete make-over of our corporate identity. So we worked on re-designing the GMP+ International company logo, payoff, our website and other communication means. Our all-new communication tools provide you with more insight in a user-friendly way. We sincerely hope you enjoy your new GMP+ online environment. 

Please note: The GMP+ FSA and GMP+ FRA certification logos have not been changed.

Because we want to find your way right from the start, let us tell you what’s new and where you can find everything.

Our new website is available in Dutch, English, German and Poland. Other languages are available throughout the website via the Google Translate button at the top of every page. Please note: Appendices are not translated by Google Translate.

GMP+ Portal
The renewed portal now contains our new GMP+ Library, which holds the latest and historic EWS information, as well as relevant supporting documents. Besides this new feature, you will find the GMP+ Company database, Feeds Support Products and the GMP+ Monitoring database here. For access to the GMP+ Portal, you will receive a new login and password setting. And from now on, you have the possibility to change your own password within the profile settings of the portal.

Scheme Documents
For access to the normative documents (A, B, C and D) of our scheme, move over the menu ‘Certification Scheme’ in the upper bar of our website, and click the desired certification. The different documents appear in the menu of the left.

The latest news
We want you to be fully informed about our scheme and feed safety in general. You’ll find the latest news on our homepage, as well as under the tab ‘News’ in the upper bar of the website. Interested in what’s going on behind the scenes at GMP+ International and our quest for feed safety worldwide? Then be sure to check our blog regularly (About Us > GMP+ International Blog).

EWS, FSP, IDTF and GMP+ Monitoring database
You can find information on our Early Warning System (EWS), Feed Support Products (FSP), the International Database Transport (for) Feed (IDTF) and GMP+ Monitoring database under the tab ‘Services’ in the upper bar of the website.

Check whether companies are GMP+ FSA certified
To check whether companies are GMP+ FSA certified, visit the company database. Click ‘Certification’ in the upper bar of the website, then click ‘GMP+ Certified Companies’. This page will lead you to our company database.

Certification Bodies and other collaborations
You can find the full list of GMP+ accepted Certification Bodies under the tab ‘Collaborations’ on the upper bar of the website. Here you’ll also find info about Registered Consultants, the International Expert Committee (IEC), National Representatives, Mutual Recognition and the GMP+ Academy.

About Us
Want to get in touch with GMP+ International? Curious to who’s on our team? Or do you want to read our mission and vision? Then visit the section ‘About Us’ in the upper bar of the website. Here, you will also find vacancies at GMP+ International and a calendar of events.

Let us know!
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