Customer service employee

28-38 hours/w | Bachelor’s thinking level | 3-5 years’ experience | Feed & Food industry | Rijswijk

Customer service employee

You like to eat chicken. 
But what did the chicken eat?

As a GMP+ International Customer Service Employee, you help our community of businesses find answers and solutions. You play a crucial role in our mission achieving safe and sustainable feed, worldwide.

Food safety starts with feed safety starts with you!

You are energised by enabling our customers from all over the world to take responsibility for working in a safe and sustainable way. GMP+ International’s schemes and additional services, along with your support, enable companies to commit to safe and sustainable feed, and secure business continuity.

You’ll be the link between customers and our internal team

In this dynamic role, you need to be able to truly connect with customers, to listen to them, and to help them move forward. Your practical solutions will consider differences between cultures, companies, and people. We invest heavily in customer service, and we trust in you to take this service to the next level.  

Be part of our team!

Besides connecting with our customers, you’ll work closely with your Customer Service and other expert colleagues who are happy to help you translate our specific knowledge into practical information.

These are your +++

  • You are passionate about enabling our customers.
  • You are understanding and able to work with different cultures.
  • You enjoy the challenge of finding clear answers and solutions to diverse questions.
  • When needed, you like to really dig into a topic to find the right answer as you know that the extra effort will make a real difference.
  • You know our customers’ needs best, and you get energised of by contributing to improvements of our products and services.
  • You have proficiency in English and are fluent in either German and or Dutch.

The +++ of working at GMP+ International

  • You’ll work 28-38 hours per week and enjoy an attractive compensation package.
  • You’ll be joining the world’s largest community for feed safety and sustainability. Our considerable experience will empower you to make a difference to the world and yourself.
  • You’ll have the power to make a real difference. You are much appreciated by giving attention to the customer, listen, and show empathy.
  • Your close contact with our customers means your ideas are always valued and your input into improving Customer Service and the organisation is actively sought.
  • You'll have many opportunities for personal growth and development.
  • You’ll work in an informal environment, surrounded by your colleagues from our office in Rijswijk, the Netherlands.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to work from home.
  • You can join our fun and social activities we organise regularly.

Meet your colleagues

As a Customer Service employee, you are part of the team Scheme and Customer Services which is responsible for the content of our ‘scheme documents’ (GMP + standards) and the development of products that support companies. Your role in the team requires you to provide the best possible service to customers who use our products. You’ll inform the team of common questions so that we can learn from them and improve our services accordingly. Managing all these things ensures that every day is different.

One of your teammates is Ida. She started at GMP+ International as a customer service employee, speaking to our customers every day and learning a lot about the organisation. Want to hear more about her career at GMP+ International? Watch the movie on our website or call her directly via +31 (0)6 22 318 629. She’d love to chat with you.

Is this what you call a career+?

  • Yes? What are you waiting for? Send your motivation and CV to Karin Piels (
  • Still deciding? Please feel free to ask one of the team managers Els van der Boon ( for more details.
  • Not a 100% match, but think you know someone else who’d love this job? Forward them the vacancy and make both them and us very happy,

Don’t wait too long! 

We will close this vacancy on 18 February 2024, so we look forward to receiving your application before then. We will plan the first interviews in week 9. An assessment can be part of the selection procedure.

More about GMP+ International

We believe that feed should be safe for animals, people, and our planet. Therefore, we developed a certification scheme that enables every company in the feed chain to take responsibility for safe and sustainable feed.

Today, over 19,000 companies in 90 countries are GMP+ certified. We are proud of what we’ve built over the last 30+ years. Without the devotion and input of companies, colleagues, and partners all over the world, the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme would never have developed into what it is today… A fully-fledged and widely respected scheme that covers the entire feed chain.

But the journey continues. Every single day, our close-knit and openminded team of professionals works on our goal to have a real impact on feed safety and sustainability worldwide.