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Notification forms gatekeeper protocols

If a company is about to use one (or more) gatekeeper protocol(s), they must fill in a notification form as described in GMP+ BA10 Minimum requirements for purchasing .

It is required to fill in the notification form when you start using one of the gatekeeper protocols or if you apply the gatekeeper protocol for a new product or country.

Please select the form (only available in English) of the applicable gatekeeper protocol:

4.3.2 Unprocessed grains, (oil)seeds and legumes out of a collect chain
4.3.3 Feed additives, foodstuff, pharma products
4.3.4 Former foodstuff
4.3.5 Palm oil
4.3.7 Herbs and spices
4.3.8 Processed feed materials (option 1)
4.3.8 Processed feed materials (option 2)
4.3.9 Feed for feed trial
4.4.1 Road transport
4.4.2 Inland waterway transport
4.4.3 Storage

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