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2017 marked the year that the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) module existed for 25 years. Our feed certification scheme has developed over time, to adapt to changes in the feed market and feed safety management. With this development, the feed certification scheme also became complex. During these 25 years, together with our partners, we also gained new insights in our feed certification scheme. Those insights were collected during brainstorm sessions in 2016 and 2017.

Now, the time has come to remove the complexity and apply these new insights via a systematic redesign of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme by launching #ProjectGMP+2020. The structure of the feed certification scheme will be simplified with completely rewritten standards, intended for both GMP+ certified companies and Certification Bodies.

With #ProjectGMP+2020 we want to create a future proof GMP+ Feed Certification scheme with clear requirements and
structure(s) for the entire GMP+ Community.

Where can I find more information
On this special project website you can find more information once available. We will communicate the latest updates regarding the project but also publish documentation. 

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In this section you can find documentation regarding the #ProjectGMP+2020, once available. 

The scheme principles
Our drive is to facilitate our customers to provide feed safety worldwide. To realize this shared goal we understand that we need to have a clear GMP+ Feed Certification scheme which is understandable for everyone within the GMP+ Community. With this in mind, we are going to start to literally “redesign” the GMP+ FSA module. We will follow the base GMP+ scheme principles which will guide us through this process to keep focus on feed safety worldwide.

The primary responsibility lies with the certified company, to assure feed safety. This means that the GMP+ FSA module will focus on “goal requirements” and that the certified companies will focus on “how to achieve” these requirements. GMP+ International will provide support via the Feed Support Products. This ensures feed safety within the entire feed chain and enables a shared responsibility with the GMP+ Community. The scheme will be aligned with internationally accepted standards like ISO 22000 which will make the GMP+ Feed Certification easier to implement. By involving the entire GMP+ Community we want to emphasize on transparency. Information is shared at all times and available on our website. Furthermore, independent third party certification, which is done by Certified Bodies, contributes towards the credibility of the certification.


General Planning 
#ProjectGMP+2020 focusses initially on all standards of the current GMP+ FSA module. This means that the entire structure and design of the scheme standards will change. It is important to know that the content of the standards will remain the same to assure a high level of feed safety.  

We will finish the project together with our partners and stakeholders by 2020.

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In this section you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding #ProjectGMP+2020. The answers are periodically updated with new information. 

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- FAQ Public Consultation

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