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Take part in Public Consultation

After more than two years of listening, reviewing, writing and re-writing, together with the Working Group and various stakeholders we are excited to share with you the results of #ProjectGMP+2020. In response to comments and feedback from our community, the GMP+ FSA module has undergone a renewal.

How to take part in the Public Consultation of the GMP+ FSA module
We encourage you to give your feedback and opinion on the proposed documents. Via the link below you will open a web-form in a new tab-window. With this form, you can submit your feedback on the documents which you can find below. 

On which elements can you give feedback? 

- Structure of the GMP+ FSA module

- One general part with Feed Safety Management Requirements

- Technical Specifications 

- General feedback

- Other feedback, not related to the topics above


When are you able to participate? 
The Public Consultation will start on December 9th, 2019 and will end on March 6th, 2020. This means you have a three-month period to provide your feedback. 

How are we going to process your Public Consultation feedback
Every comment we receive will be thoughtfully examined conform the scheme principles of the #ProjectGMP+2020. Proposals for improvements will be reviewed by the Working Group and validated by the International Expert Committee. This will result in the final GMP+ FSA module. Please keep in mind to keep it relevant, to the point and constructive. You will find additional information about the Public Consultation in the FAQ.

We highly value your opinion, because only by working together we can achieve Feed Safety Worldwide.

Document Response Form
Response Form
Feed Safety Management Requirement (FSMR) 
Technical Specifications (TS) Introduction
GMP+ TS1 Prerequisite Program
GMP+ TS2 Purchase
GMP+ TS3 Product List
GMP+ TS4 Products not allowed to be used in feed
GMP+ TS5 Forbidden fuels for direct drying
GMP+ TS6 Specific feed safety limits
GMP+ TS7 Sampling
GMP+ TS8 Monitoring
GMP+ TS9 Monitoring database submission
GMP+ TS10 Labelling 
GMP+ TS11 Transport activities
GMP+ TS12 Operational activities
GMP+ TS13 Control of residues
GMP+ TS14 Performance criteria for GMP+ registered Laboratories



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