New Digital GMP+ Examination 2020

Five times a year GMP+ International offers auditors the opportunity to do a GMP+ exam. The content and the method of the exam highly relates to the quality requirements that GMP+ International has for the global animal feed industry.

The purpose of good and reliable examination is to assure  that auditors have sufficient knowledge of the GMP+ FC scheme requirements. To achieve this, GMP+ International has developed a new Examination Process which will help auditors in the examination process.

The new process will significantly reduce logistical planning and costs, improve the ease of executing the exam, offers transparency and has an updated validity period.

Where can I find more information
On this special project website you can find more information once available. We will communicate the latest updates regarding the project but also publish documentation. 

Make sure you are receiving the GMP+ Newsletters to receive the updates and news regarding the new Examination Process and join us on LinkedIn.

Do you want to share your feedback or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via the GMP+ International Helpdesk.

In this section you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the Examination Process. The answers are periodically updated. 

FAQ Document

During our previous harmonization meetings we discussed several possibilities to arrange the surveillance during the digital exams to be implemented in 2020. One of the options is the digital surveillance system called “proctoring”. Information on how this system is working you will find in the following document.

Proctoring Information 

Do you want to try out the new online exam? Via the link below you can access a demo to get acquainted with the new way of examination and type of questioning.  

You can access the demo via this link: Online Exam Test Module

Please note; the demo is only available in English and contains non-GMP+ related content.

Pilot Examination Instruction 

Amersfoort, the Netherlands

Plotterweg 1

3821 BB 


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