GMP+ International News

31 January 2019
GMP+ International invests in the future
20 December 2018
With #ProjectGMP+2020 we want to create a futureproof GMP+ Feed Certification scheme
25 October 2018
Recommenced Partnership GMP+ International & QUALIMAT
25 October 2018
GMP+ International launches customer satisfaction survey
24 October 2018
Feed & Food Safety: Beyond Control & Assurance
28 September 2018
QM-Milch e.V. has taken the decision to end the use of feed-safety self declarations as of 31 December 2019
04 September 2018

GMP+ International’s Initiatives Poland is one of most important markets for the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) scheme. They are now our third largest market in terms of participants. This success of GMP+ International in Poland contributed so much in terms of keeping its international competitiveness within and outside Europe and more importantly to feed and food safety. O ...

30 August 2018
New ISO22000 standard.
30 August 2018
Critical Locations provide GMP+ services.
02 August 2018
Please be aware of Certification Bodies and companies utilizing an unauthentic GMP+ certificate

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