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29 May 2019
Feed Safety Certification “How it’s Done”
29 May 2019
COTECNA has recently been accepted as a new Certification Body for GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance certification
22 May 2019
#ProjectGMP+2020 has been launched to revise the entire structure of the GMP+ FC scheme by 2020.
25 April 2019
With 358 EWS notifications divided across 204 EWS cases, GMP+ International faced a significant increase of 49% in the number of EWS notifications compared to 2017 (240)
25 April 2019
Customer C. Timmer Transportbedrijf B.V. speaking: "My family has been in animal feed business for generations."
29 March 2019
Read more about the outcome of the CSS held in Poland & Czech Republic
14 March 2019
GMP+ International organise un événement spécial d'une journée à Paris, en France, pour les entreprises certifiées GMP+
28 February 2019
We are proudly working on “Feed Safety Worldwide” with the help of GMP+ International products and services
28 February 2019
Reliable laboratory analyses are essential for a strong and reliable feed safety chain
31 January 2019
GMP+ International invests in the future

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