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Feed Support Products (FSP)

05 December 2019
A number of (new) feed materials have been approved after risk assessment.
29 May 2019
Read more about the ASF leaflet made especially for transport companies
31 January 2019
Have you noticed the asterixis and related footnotes in the Risk Assessments??
12 July 2018
A number of (new) feed materials with associated risk assessments have been approved and included in the FSP.
06 April 2018
Feed Support products (FSP) Newsletter 2018 no. 1
21 December 2017
Feed Support products (FSP) Newsletter 2017 no. 4
30 November 2017
Changes in BA1 “Specific feed safety limits” and “FAQ residues of pesticides” has been updated
27 July 2017
Intended for: users GMP+ Monitoring database
27 July 2017
Feed Support Products (FSP) Newsletter 2017 no. 3

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