17 December 2015
In August 2015, we informed you of the fact that the GMP+ FC scheme has been accepted by the European cooperation for Accreditation (EA). For more information, please see the relevant newsletter.
16 December 2015
There have been agreed several changes for the IDTF by the International Committee for Road Transport (GMP+ International, OVOCOM, QS, Qualimat, GTP, AIC and Gafta). The changes are now implemented in the IDTF. Please find here further information about the changes.
15 December 2015
Feed Support Products (FSP) Newsletter 2015 no. 8.
03 December 2015
Well attended workshop marks fast growing Feed Safety Awareness in Southern Europe.
03 December 2015
Recently, the Subcommittee Responsible Feed and the International Expert Committee have approved a change in the GMP+ FRA requirements.
30 November 2015
Participants may decide to outsource their production activities to so called “toll manufacturers”.
11 November 2015
Today, the new version of the GMP+ Monitoring database went live. In this release, we have processed a number of user wishes into new features. These features mainly relate to the digital submission (via XML or Excel) of analysis results.
05 November 2015
A new document has been added to the GMP+ D-documents. This document contains examples of prepared forms, registrations and other documents associated with several specific requirements from the GMP+ B standards. In several instances, the standards refer to this document, published as D2.6 Supporting documents.

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