New approved feed materials and developments of FSP

15 December 2015

Feed Support Products (FSP) Newsletter 2015 no. 8.

Intended for: GMP+ certified companies and certification bodies


Recently, a number of (new) feed materials and their risk assessments have been approved by the Technical Committee Feed Support Products.


Risk assessment (RA)

The following supplements/amendments have been made: see table


Click here for an updated list of the feed materials.


Tip: You may also consult the list digitally, see the section KNOWLEDGE and then “Product list”.


The risk assessments of the above mentioned feed materials can be found in the password-protected login part of the GMP+ portal. After logging into the portal, choose FSP to view the risk assessments of the above mentioned feed materials.


New Fact sheets

New version of the Fact sheet “Moulds and yeast” is available. This fact sheet has been updated and its changes were made visible.


The fact sheets are available on the GMP+ portal in the section Knowledge under ‘Fact sheets’ where you can select ‘Undesirable substances’ after which you can find the relevant fact sheet(s) using the search feature.


These Fact sheets provide information about the severity for people and animal in addition to suggestions for control measures. These suggestions supplement what is prescribed in the GMP+ FC scheme. The information in the Fact sheets can be used in the implementation of the company specific HACCP analysis, such as in the determination of the seriousness of the hazard.


Quick Scans

A quick scan was carried out regarding the possible hazards for feed. It concerns the following undesirable substance: Patulin


TCFSP Meeting schedule for 2016

The Technical Committee FSP (TCFSP) has 3 meetings planned in 2016. During these meetings the members of the TCFSP will assess the new risk assessments. Please find the meeting dates and the related deadlines for submissions for the companies of (new) risk assessments in the table below.


TCFSP Meeting


Deadlines for submission (new) risk assessment

1st meeting

24 March

11 January

2nd meeting

21 June

11 April

3rd meeting

1 November

23 August




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