New version of the GMP+ Monitoring database is now online!

11 November 2015

Today, the new version of the GMP+ Monitoring database went live. In this release, we have processed a number of user wishes into new features. These features mainly relate to the digital submission (via XML or Excel) of analysis results. If you digitally submit your analysis results, this newsletter contains relevant information about this new version of the GMP+ Monitoring database. In addition, we have included an important request to you. Of course, the changes have also been implemented in the new version of the manual.

Test service

For the digital submission of analysis results, we ask you to use the GMP+ format in XML or Excel. In particular for companies that are just starting to digitally submit analysis results, it may be useful to have a test file assessed for correctness, which will provide clarity on whether or not the file can be accepted by the GMP+ Monitoring database. From now on, we have a test service available that allows you to submit a test file. You will then receive an e-mail indicating whether or not the file is suitable for import, or that changes have to be made to the structure or contents of the message to make it suitable. Of course, the information from your test file will not be imported in the GMP+ Monitoring database.

You can use the test services by sending a test file to the (new) e-mail address: For the actual submission of digital analysis results, you may use: (unchanged).


Convenience of digital submission of analysis results has been improved

We have also implemented a number of improvements to the actual submission of digital analysis results, for your convenience:

- Clear feedback messages so that you know what to adjust in a rejected file.

- Clustering of e-mails sent, reducing the number of e-mails sent (feedback per file, instead of per sample).

- Improvement of the dashboard in the GMP+ Monitoring database (searching to which samples a notification relates).

- XSD tool available for drawing up XML files.


Important request to current submitters of digital analysis results!

No changes have been implemented regarding the GMP+ format, but the above-mentioned improvements have caused the inspection of digital analysis results to become stricter than they used to be in some cases. The result of this is that you may see an error for a file that you used to be able to import without any issues. This mainly applies to users of XML, due to the implementation of the XSD tool, but it may also occur in Excel processing.


We would like to support you and therefore ask you to contact us. Together, we can figure out what needs to be done to allow you to keep submitting digital analysis results. To this end, please send an e-mail with a sample file to We will then inform you of whether or not the changes will have any consequences for you or that you can keep submitting files the way you always have.

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