Newsletter GMP+ D2.6

05 November 2015

A new document has been added to the GMP+ D-documents. This document contains examples of prepared forms, registrations and other documents associated with several specific requirements from the GMP+ B standards. In several instances, the standards refer to this document, published as D2.6 Supporting documents.

To a large extent, the examples have been made available by certified companies and serve as inspiration and support for the interpretation of the relevant GMP+ requirements. A company may use them when establishing the relevant elements of the feed safety management system.

The examples do not cover all situations. The participant is free to make changes or adjustments to make the forms and overviews fit its own business.

The use of these examples does not constitute compliance with the GMP+ requirements. It shall remain the responsibility of the company to realize a complete and properly functioning feed safety management system.  It is and shall remain up to the certification body to assess whether the requirements are being met.

In the future, other examples of forms or registrations may be added.

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