Newly authorized feed materials and update of FAQ-list

15 April 2016

Feed Support products (FSP) Newsletter 2016 no.3

Intended for: all GMP+ certified companies and certification bodies


A number of (new) feed materials with associated risk assessment is approved and included in FSP. In addition, the FAQ list of the FSP is updated.


Risk assessments (RA)

On request of – and in collaboration with GMP+ companies, we have accepted a number of new feed materials and added them to the FSP. Prior to publication, the risk assessments are coordinated with the experts of the Technical Committee Feed Safety Products. In the table below you’ll find an overview of the changes, including background information.


Do you produce or process one of these products?

Of certain products, we did not yet receive any information. For that reason, we want to ask companies who produce and / or process the products below, to contact us prior to April 30th 2016. If, after this date, we have not received any information, these products will be removed from FSP.

  1. Soya bean fat, interesterficated
  2. Soya bean expeller
  3. Soya flakes, extracted
  4. Soya protein isolate


Table FSP newsletter no 3


*) This RA is the result of combined information sent by different companies which replied to the call on the Newsletter 2014/4


Updated FAQ list

The FAQ list is updated and available on the website of GMP+ International

The most important changes are:

  • FSD has been replaced by FSP;
  • The name of GMP+ BA1 ‘Product standards’ is replaced by ‘Specific Feed Safety Limits’;
  • Information regarding mineral feed materials (see question nr. 2.9);

List of available ‘fact sheets’


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