Trade activities in the GMP+ chain

15 April 2016

Within the GMP+ FC scheme all links in the chain must take responsibility for ensuring feed safety and must therefore be GMP+ (or equivalent) certified. All traders (that want to sell feed as GMP+ certified) must therefore be GMP+ certified with the applicable scope. This includes both the physical trade of feed and the so called ‘paper trade’ where the trader doesn’t see the physical product. As a result of this certification, the trader will be registered in the GMP+ company database so it is visible that this company is part of the GMP+ feed chain.

In some situations, confusion may arise about whether or not a batch of feed has been delivered by a GMP+ certified trading company. In this newsletter, we describe two types of trade offices that are part of the GMP+ feed chain (and must have the proper certification).

PO boxes

A PO box (Post Office box) is a uniquely addressable lockable box located on the premises of a post office station. A PO box is often used on contracts or invoices and is for this reason the selling party for buying GMP+ certified companies. Because of this, the PO box is part of the GMP+ feed chain and must be certified accordingly (GMP+ B1/B3 scope, trade in feed). This provides transparency in the market by showing that the feed that is sold via this PO box is covered within the GMP+ feed chain.

Note: Within the GMP+ certification requirements it is already possible to add a PO box under the scope of GMP+ certification of a trader. There is no need to actually visit the location of the PO box for certification purposes.

Sales offices

There are situations where a production plant is not selling the product directly to customers, but via a sales office which is often located at a different address and/or has a different name. On the Bill of Lading (B/L) the address and maybe the specific name of the production site could be mentioned but the sales are done via this sales office. This sales office can be the head office of a company with multiple production locations or an export company, but it is also possible that for example a separate billing office is used. In all cases, a sales office is part of the GMP+ feed chain and should be certified accordingly (GMP+ B1/B3 scope trade in feed).

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