Expansion positive declaration to services – adjustment in GMP+ B4

02 August 2016

By way of our newsletter of February 1st 2016, we have informed you of the expansion of positive declaration to services. As of 1-10-2016 the GMP+ certified supplier must declare when the service provided by it (physical transport, storage and transshipment) is GMP+ assured.

This change is already documented in the most recent version of GMP+ BA6 ‘Minimum requirements Labeling and Delivery’, published since February 1st 2016. However, due to an omission, GMP+ International failed to implement this change in GMP+ B4 simultaneously. You will find this amended text of the GMP+ B4 standard in this document. This change will be visible in the newest version of the GMP+ B4 standard.

Additional information

A list of approved declarations for services is published in Annex 1 of GMP+ BA6.

If you have any questions about the practical application of the positive declaration, please first consult GMP+ D3.12 FAQ Positive declaration. Unable to find an answer? Please send your additional questions about the positive declaration for feed and physical services to info@gmpplus.org. We will bundle your questions and the answers thereto in GMP+ D3.12 FAQ Positive declaration.


As mentioned in article 11.1 of the GMP+ A1 General Regulations, GMP+ International has the right to draw up short-term additional provisions for participants by means of an executive decree. In accordance with article 11.2 of GMP+ A1 General Regulations, the participant and the certification body are required to meet temporary additional provisions and / or to implement them.

The requirements for the positive declaration of the service physical transport are documented in the latest version of the GMP+ B4 Transport. The executive decree shall expire automatically after publication of the newest version of this standard.

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