Expansion of positive declaration (GMP+ BA6)

01 February 2016

Since 1-10-2015 the so-called ‘positive declaration’ is in effect. For GMP+ certified suppli-ers this means that GMP+ assured feed must be mentioned as such. This concerns both deliveries of feed ingredients (feed materials, additives, premixtures) and finished feed (compound feed). To this end, see our newsletters of 26-09-2014 and 21-05-2015.

As a result of an initial evaluation with GMP+ participants several improvement items have been implemented. These have been documented in a new version of GMP+ BA6 ‘Minimum requirements for Labeling and Delivery’, published as from February 1st 2016. It concerns the following adjustments:

More choice from required statements

After consultation with GMP+ participants, the list of approved statements for the assured status of the feed, has been expanded. This overview has been published in a separate document Annex 1: List of approved GMP+ declarations which is part of GMP+ BA6 Minimum requirements for Labeling and Delivery. Only statements published in Annex 1 may be used.

The approved statements are available in 3 languages: Dutch, German and English. It is possible to submit these statements to GMP+ International in other languages as well. To this end, a procedure is included in Annex 1.

The approved statements for positive declaration of feed, as published in Annex 1, are effective immediately.

GMP+ International utilized the publication of the new Appendix GMP+ BA6 to supplement the GMP+ D3.12 FAQ list Positive declaration with new questions and answers. With this, the FAQ list further addresses the practical application of the positive declaration. We advise all participants to take note of this.

Positive declaration also in delivery to livestock farmers

Most GMP+ participants who supply feed directly to livestock farmers are already applying the positive declaration. As per the request of the sector, it has been formulated more specifically in the new version of GMP+ BA6 and the positive declaration is made compulsory in deliveries of feed to livestock farmers as of 1-10-2016.

Expansion positive declaration to services

Misunderstandings about the status of services rendered (such as storage and physical transport) to GMP+ participants have – in the past – led to feed safety incidents. By making the positive declaration of services (physical transport, storage and transshipment) compulsory, the risk of misunderstandings is reduced significantly. Starting 1-10-2016 the GMP+ certified supplier must declare when the service rendered by it is GMP+ assured. A list of approved declarations is published in Annex 1 of GMP+ BA6.

Please send your additional questions about the positive declaration for feed and physical services to info@gmpplus.org. We will bundle your questions and the answers to that in GMP+ D3.12 FAQ Positive declaration.

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