Improvements of FSP and newly authorized feed materials

24 February 2016

Feed Support Products (FSP) Newsletter 2016 no. 2

GMP+ International has implemented a number of improvement items in risk assessments, so that you’ll be able to find a feed material even more easily. In addition, a number of (new) feed materials with associated risk assessment is approved and included in the FSP and some have been removed.

Improvement of FSP (Feed Support Products)

It concerns a number of small improvements that may help the user of FSP find a feed material: 

  • In the datasheet of a risk assessment, synonyms are displayed next to the product names of the feed materials. Of course only if any synonyms exist.
  • The product codes as used in the ‘Catalogue of feed materials’ can also be displayed with the synonyms. In a number of feed materials, these codes are still not available. This information will be provided shortly.

Below an example from the Risk assessment ‘Linseed industry’: 

  • In addition, the search feature regarding feed materials in the FSP database has been expanded. From now on, the feature will also search in the definition of a feed material. This may be convenient when the user searches a specific name associated with a generic product or group. For instance: oregano falls under ‘Herbs, dried and milled”:

Risk assessment (RA)

Over the past period, GMP+ International – in collaboration with the companies involved and in consultation with the experts of the Technical Committee Feed Safety Products – has worked on updating or drawing up the risk assessments.

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