The feed safety limit of Biogenic amines in feed has been removed

04 January 2016

Feed Support Products (FSP) Newsletter 2016 no. 1

Intended for: GMP+ certified companies and certification bodies

Recently, the Internal Expert Committee (IEC) decided to remove the feed safety limit for Biogenic amines in feed from GMP+ BA1 “Specific feed safety limits”.

The limit for biogenic amines in feed was established 10 years ago in GMP+ BA1 “Specific feed safety limits”. Over the past months, GMP+ International has carried out an evaluation of this limit. Newly available scientific information was reviewed in this context and companies and organizations were contacted, who provided relevant information.

Currently, there isn’t enough scientific information regarding the relationship between biogenic amines, toxicity, feed and transfer to the animal product. Due to the lack of reliable information, it is not possible to test and substantiate the current or any new limit. Based thereon, the IEC decided to remove the feed safety limit for Biogenic amines in feed.

A new version of GMP+ BA1, containing these changes, is now available.

Should more scientific information become available, GMP+ International may consider to re-establish feed safety limits for Biogenic amines in feed.

More information about “Biogenic amines” is available in the Fact sheet.

The fact sheets are available on the GMP+ portal in the section Knowledge under ‘Fact sheets’ / ‘Undesirable substances. Subsequently, you can search the relevant fact sheet(s) using the search feature. 

These Fact sheets provide information about the gravity of the effect on people and animals as well as suggestions for control measures. These suggestions are supplemental to the regulations dictated by the GMP+ FSA scheme. The information in the fact sheets can be used in the implementation of the company specific HACCP analysis, for instance in establishing the severity of the hazard.

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