COCERAL and GMP+ International sign renewal for mutual recognition between GTP Code and GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance module (GMP+ FSA)

13 July 2016

COCERAL and GMP+ International announced today the renewal of the mutual recognition related to their respective assurance standards i.e. GTP Code (COCERAL) and GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance module (GMP+ FSA).

The mutual recognition agreement applies with immediate effect and covers the collection, storage, trading and transport of products of vegetable origin.


The two organizations welcome this positive outcome, which is the result of joint coordinated efforts and dialogue over the last number of years. The second renewal between COCERAL and GMP+ FSA certification resulted from a robust and efficient exchange of information, a more systematic sharing of expertise on technical issues as well as more harmonized procedures in case of crisis management involving each other’s certified companies.


In practice, GMP+ FSA certified or GTP Code certified companies will be entitled to continue to collect, store, trade and transport assured goods originating from the other scheme participants without any additional fee or requirements.


The agreement will last for a period of two years as from the date of its signature, i.e. 10th July 2016.

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