Solid start introduction GMP+ FRA certification of responsible feed

09 June 2016

Late 2014, GMP+ International introduced the GMP+ Feed Responsibility Assurance module (GMP+ FRA) within the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme. Reason for this was the demand of the dairy sector and from the pig and poultry sector in the Netherlands. After a year and a half, 203 companies are certified, 87% are located in the Netherlands and 13% in Belgium and Germany.

Several years ago, GMP+ International entered into a collaboration with RTRS (Round Table Responsible Soy) for the production and trade of responsible soy products intended for feed ingredients. The conditions for feed companies are defined in GMP+ MI101 Production and trade of RTRS soy.

Late 2014, the Dutch dairy sector ‘Duurzame Zuivelketen’ and GMP+ International reached an agreement about the standard ‘Responsible dairy feed’ (GMP+MI103). The core of this standard is the use of RTRS soy (byproducts) in dairy feed. The Dutch dairy industry assures this by means of the white list, that contains only feed suppliers that meet the requirement that RTRS soy (byproducts) is used in the feed.
Mid-June 2016, 190 feed suppliers are certified for this standard.

Late 2014, GMP+ International also reached an agreement with ‘Stichting Milieukeur’ (SMK) about the standard ‘Responsible pig & poultry feed’ (GMP+ MI102). In its ‘Milieukeur’ feed schemes for the pig and poultry sectors, SMK dictates that only pig and poultry feed is to be used of which the processed soy (byproducts) are produced responsibly (RTRS).

According to a recent publication of Nevedi, the trade association for the Dutch compound feed industry, the total associate amount of RTRS certified soy would be 823.000 tons.

Meanwhile, GMP+ International is exploring more wishes in the feed market and the underlying processing sectors regarding responsible feed and the raw materials used in them. We invite companies and organizations to express their needs and wishes to GMP+ International via

More information about GMP+ FRA is available on our website (

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