GMP+ D3.12 FAQ Positive declaration expanded

18 May 2016

The GMP+ D3.12 FAQ Positive declaration has been adjusted and supplemented. Reason for this is that: - a lot of new questions have been received about the cur-rent rules for positive declaration that have been effect for producers and suppliers of GMP+ feed since October 1st 2015, and - as of October 2016, services such as transport and storage & transshipment must also be subjected to positive decla-ration.

The FAQ list contains a lot of practical information with answers to questions about positive declaration’.

What has been supplemented / revised?

In chapter 1 ‘Positive declaration of products’ more questions and answers have been included.

However, the biggest adjustment took place by adding a new chapter 3 ‘Positive declaration of services’. As of October 2016, GMP+ companies who render services must apply this positive declaration as well. The many questions that have recently been asked about this element, have formed the outline for the chapter.

Do you have an (unanswered) question about ‘positive declaration’?

If so, please e-mail it to or use the contact form on the website.

The revised GMP+ D3.12 FAQ Positive declaration is available under the GMP+ FSA certification _ D documents.

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