Unannounced audits

18 May 2016

Following our newsletter of 30.07.2015 we would like this newsletter to further explain the demonstrability of the unannounced audits to be implemented, for new GMP+ par-ticipants and GMP+ participants of which the regular audit was scheduled in the coming months.


Currently, producers who delivery directly to FCA certified companies, must have had an unannounced audit before July 1st 2016. However, there are two situations in which this is not possible: for a company that is GMP+ certified for the first time (after a successful initial audit) or for a GMP+ certified company that is scheduled for the supervision audit shortly. In both cases, it would mean that the unannounced audit would be carried out to close to the initial, scheduled supervision, or recertification audit.

What to do?

New companies do not have to be subjected to an unannounced audit before they can deliver to FCA certified companies. However, it must be stipulated by contract that they will be subjected to an unannounced audit at some point. Once this is stipulated by contract, the GMP+ participant is required to have the unannounced audit carried out during the first certification cycle.

For companies where the supervision or recertification audit is scheduled for the coming months, the unannounced audit can take place later, provided that this is stipulated by contract and will be carried out before the end of 2016.

A few reminders:


Insight in the choice for unannounced audits is obtained by means of registration in the GMP+ company database by the certification body after implementation of the unannounced audit.

What is an unannounced audit?

The unannounced audit is a voluntary audit for which the GMP+ FSA certified company can choose on request of other scheme holders, institutions and companies.

What companies can choose unannounced audit?

The unannounced audit only applies to the participants who are certified for the scopes:

  • Production of compound feed,
  • Production of premixtures,
  • Production of additives,
  • Production of feed materials.

The GMP+ Feed Certification scheme covers the entire feed chain. It consists of two modules: Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) and Feed Responsibility Assurance (FRA). By means of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme, GMP+ International helps feed companies meet the requirements of the (inter)national market for feed.

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