GMP+ International and SecureFeed to intensify partnership

11 October 2016

With retention of their independence and autonomy, GMP+ International and SecureFeed are to intensify their partnership. Both organizations announce this to their associated certified companies and participants today. The collaboration mainly focuses on exchanging data and information, insofar confidentiality allows so.

In the next four months, both organizations will be working out the plan for wider collaboration. In daily practice, there already is a lot of contact and coordination about controlling risks at feed companies and, where relevant, in incidents with (raw materials for) feed. This can be expanded and deepened by matching work processes and databases.

The coal is efficiency and cost savings by eliminating overlap in activities. On short term, a joint contact (‘desk’) for the companies will be created. In time, a joint back-office may be an option. In any case, the organizations retain their independent position and governance structure. Early 2017, the exact detailing and phasing will be more concrete.

Certification for GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (GMP+ FSA) is one of the requirements for participation in SecureFeed. For the GMP+ FSA certificate, companies in all links of the feed chain are required to carry out risk analysis and to monitor the result of their risk assessment.  Companies that deliver feed materials, compound feed and additives to livestock farmers, jointly carry out these risk analyses and monitoring via SecureFeed.

SecureFeed has been operational since early 2015 and has about 375 fully Dutch participants and 23 prospective participants. Together they represent 100% of the Dutch production of compound feed, almost 100% of the Dutch production of wet feed and over 80% of the forage trade. GMP+ International has been an independent organization since early 2010 and has over 15.700 GMP+ FSA certified companies in more than 85 countries.

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