How can you easily make reports of your monitoring data?

08 September 2016

As part of HACCP, you carry out a monitoring program, individually or as part of a collec-tive. GMP+ International allows you to manage this monitoring data in the GMP+ Moni-toring database. To obtain an overview of your data, a reporting tool has been included in the database. This newsletter tells you all about the reporting options and informs you about sharing your monitoring data.

Standard reports

The GMP+ Monitoring database contains four standard reports that can be used to view the data in the GMP+ Monitoring database. These reports contain all (anonymously) shared results from the GMP+ Community and can only be used by users who also (anonymously) share analysis results with the GMP+ Community themselves. This means that, by sharing information, you can also use data of others.

Report all (un)desirable substance & product

With this report, you can make an overview of a product combined with all (un)desirable substances of which a result is available. This allows you to see in one overview what (un)desirable substances have been analyzed in a certain product.

Report combination (un)desirable substance & product

With this report, you can view what results have been submitted of an (un)desirable substance in a certain product to more detail – per country of origin. This allows you to compare the results from one country of origin to the results of another.

Overview combination (un)desirable substance & product

Whereas the previous report is a summary of all results submitted, this report allows you to consult all submitted values individually.

Benchmark report

With this report, you can compare your analysis results to the results of the group you are part of and with the GMP+ community. Requirement thereto is that you are part of one or more groups and that you have insight into the results of the GMP+ community.

All reports can be downloaded as CSV file and can be opened in Excel. By using the possibilities of Excel (such as filtering and sorting) you can turn them into reports at your own discretion. You can also view the reports on screen.

Export of own results and results of the group

In addition, to the above-mentioned reports, it is also possible to export all own (finalized) samples in the GMP+ Monitoring database.  You make these by clicking the button ‘Download branch results’ in the main screen of ‘My monitoring’.  By checking the box of group samples, you can also include the samples in this download that have been shared by the group you are part of.

New in this report is that, from now on, you can also see whether you have already shared the sample with the GMP+ Community and / or with a group. This helps you quickly gain insight into what results you have shared (anonymously) and what results are only available to you. You can also use this report to easily and quickly show your auditor that you have complied with the obligation to share certain results. This obligation is included in a number of monitoring protocols from GMP+ BA4 and gatekeeper protocols from GMP+ BA10.

Do you have any questions or do you need more information about the GMP+ Monitoring database?

You can find a lot of information and answers to questions in the manual and question & answer list. You can also contact our helpdesk: to do so, fill out the or call + 31 (0) 70 3074120.

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