GMP+ International Blog: Contaminations

Thursday, January 31, 2019

GMP+ International is the result of one man’s dream to ensure safe feed worldwide. After 25 years of hard work, many trips first in the Netherlands, later around the world and real determination, GMP+ is the leading feed certification scheme in the world. Johan Den Hartog is a man with a vision. Now he is ready to share all his experiences. Please check this page monthly as he shares his experiences, learnings and insights with you.

Blog 1 - GMP+ International Blog: Contaminations

Johan den Hartog
Managing Director, GMP+ International

When incidents occur: roles and responsibilities in the feed chain 

Within the GMP+ Community we do everything within our power to prevent incidents – and we’ve been quite successful in that regard over the last 25 years. But despite our best efforts, incidents can still occur. Even at companies that are GMP+ FSA certified. What can we do to prevent this? A GMP+ FSA certificate underlines a companies’ dedication to a safe production process.


Even with a system that sets clear standards, that incorporates HACCP, and is based on ISO, there is always the human element. Human beings can make mistakes and overlook possible hazards, even when they have a strong commitment to feed safety assurance. After becoming GMP+ FSA certified, companies themselves carry the sole responsibility for producing safe feed by following the standards of GMP+ FSA. In turn, it is the responsibility of GMP+ International accepted Certification Bodies, to conduct periodic audits and to decide upon prolongation of the certificate.


At its very core, GMP+ FSA is a risk management tool. It enables companies to safely produce feed, to purchase and sell within a safely guarded environment (chain approach), and to take quick action in cases of trouble to control potential damage. To put it simply: risks are being reduced and damages are being controlled – yet they are never fully eliminated. Just as important, GMP+ FSA is a promise. Your promise, to be exact. A promise that your company is fully committed to a safe and responsible production process.

It’s up to you to hold your company true to that promise. But luckily, you’re not alone. Every step of the way, GMP+ International is here for knowledge, support, and guidance. And in case of a small or bigger feed safety emergency, we will learn from it together in order to avoid it in the future.