Feed safety is a team effort

Monday, September 30, 2019

Individual feed companies receive certificates for GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (GMP+ FSA). But feed safety does not exist by virtue of the performance of individual companies alone; feed safety can only exist by operating as a chain.

Blog 10 - Feed safety is a team effort

Johan den Hartog
Managing Director, GMP+ International

‘Together’ is one of the core values of GMP+ International. That sometimes comes as a surprise for newcomers. After all, the standards of GMP+ FSA mainly focus on the internal processes of individual companies: when an organization has proper risk analyses and safety procedures, it receives a GMP+ FSA certificate.

No ivory tower

But safe feed is never created in a vacuum and you can’t create a certification scheme from an ivory tower. Involvement of the experts from the business community is essential.

We have 39 partnerships with industry associations from the feed sector, livestock farming and processing industry across the globe. They help GMP+ International in the development of the scheme and promote awareness concerning feed safety among their own supporters.

Building trust

Our partnerships cover a wide range of the international feed sector. As GMP+ International we are constantly looking for broad support. Partners are indispensable when it comes to building trust, especially in growth markets.

Collaboration can consist of organizing seminars and workshops or participating in one of the various GMP+ International expert committees. They represent different parts of the feed chain and have input on the content of the scheme.

Polish input

The composition of these committees still reflects the origin of GMP+ International; most members originate from the Netherlands of Germany.  And we also coordinate with quality systems in livestock farming, such as IKBs in the Netherlands, QM Milch in Germany.

But change is coming. The participation of Polish companies in GMP+ FSA has grown rapidly over the past years and as of recently the first Polish partnership has been established: with Polskie Zrzeszenie Producentów Bydła Mięsnego, or in other words, the Polish Beef Association, manager of a quality label for beef (QMP). This will enhance the demand for GMP+ FSA certified feed suppliers in Poland. And it will also contribute to the image of Polish beef, which is increasingly being exported.

For GMP + International it is crucial that we involve everyone in the scheme. It is therefore only logical that the Polish input - and that of other growth economies - will increase in our scheme in the coming years. The wider the support, the closer we get to our goal: Feed Safety Worldwide. We can only achieve that together.