Have GMP+ International at your side in 2019

Friday, March 29, 2019

With the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance scheme (GMP+ FSA) solidly growing in previously underrepresented regions, more companies than ever before are now hearing about our scheme for the very first time. In 2019, we are taking steps to inform and guide these potential newcomers better than ever before.

Blog 3 - Have GMP+ International at your side in 2019

Johan den Hartog
Managing Director, GMP+ International 

In 2014, GMP+ International introduced ‘GMP+ Registered Consultants’. These are local and independent professionals, accepted by us, who advise companies about the implementation of the scheme. They are well-qualified because of their experience in the feed sector, their knowledge of feed safety management and their consulting capabilities. They are active regionally, and some also internationally.

Promoting feed safety

Because of the questions we receive on a daily basis, we decided to significantly expand this (paid) service in 2019. After renewing the conditions for the GMP+ Registered Consultants Program, we have now 11 consultancy companies with 19 consultants. New GMP+ Registered Consultants are from France, Ukraine, North Africa, and India. In time, we look forward to expanding this service to even more regions. For this, we will organize a three-day training & harmonization session Summer 2019.

What makes GMP+ Registered Consultants so valuable, is not just their availability to any company with questions or issues. They are also pro-actively promoting feed safety through seminars and workshops in their respective countries and regions – and thus informing new audiences about the importance of feed safety. In addition, they are closely monitoring developments for us, which enables us to quickly respond to market opportunities and demands.

The next level

Some feed companies are ISO certified, but are unfamiliar with GMP+ FSA. Others are only acquainted with HACCP and/or GMP. And there are feed companies that have nothing in place at all. For all these businesses, GMP+ Registered Consultants can be extremely helpful in reaching the next level in feed safety assurance. They can explain the basic requirements and normative documents, help implement the standards, and provide internal training to employees.

For additional help or questions, we also have an official helpdesk available, as well as National Representatives. By expanding the number of GMP+ Registered Consultants, we enable companies in more regions to implement our scheme with a local expert at their side. This saves them time and money, and expands feed safety knowledge to more countries than ever before.