The Mine Industry

Monday, March 27, 2017

For the production of feed materials or feed additives sometimes raw materials come from mines. The products mined from the mines are not considered a feed material yet but a raw material which the GMP+ company processes into a feed material. Because the mine is not producing feed, GMP+ certification is not required.

The processing GMP+ company purchasing the raw materials from a mine needs to conduct a HACCP analysis to make sure the raw materials are safe. In case the mine is also  processing the raw material into a feed material, the activities of the production of the feed should be covered in the feed safety management system.

Stones from a mine are only raw materials when they are not milled more than once and not dried. As soon as the stones are processed they will be considered as feed material and the company responsible for processing needs to become GMP+ certified.

It is possible that on one site the stones are mined and part is processed into feed materials (production of feed materials) and a part will be sold for other purpose. The site then needs to become GMP+ certified for the feed material production process they carry out.

The part of the mined products that is not processed can be sold as raw materials outside the GMP+ scope.


FSP data can support you in carrying out your hazard analysis

GMP+ International has a special database with information: FSP (Feed Support Products). Its interactive nature and the information contained in it, allows us to offer a massive source of data which you can use in drawing up the risks of the raw materials you purchase but also in drawing up your proprietary HACCP system. The FSP database can provide you with information about: the production process, possible hazards, facts about hazards, the limit and monitoring data. Click here for access to the FSP database and search for calcium carbonate.

Would you like to know the other benefits that the FSP has to offer? If so, please read on.