2017.03.27 Themanieuwsbrief inkoop 1 Mijnen en veiling - Bijlage veiling

Monday, March 27, 2017

Unprocessed fruit and vegetables as withdrawals from an auction can be purchased by a GMP+ company. The auction does not have to be GMP+ certified for these products. The purchasing GMP+ certified feed company is counted as the first for which a certification is required. Prior to the purchase of the withdrawn products the GMP+ certified company carries out its own hazards analysis based on HACCP principles. On the basis of the results of this analysis and also on any quality guarantees which may be offered by the auction / growers, the company will make a decision, take any control measures and carry out an entry check. The GMP+ certified feed company and the auction house will record this in a written agreement. In the flowchart there is an example of this process.


FSP data can support you in carrying out your hazard analysis

GMP+ International has a special database with information: FSP (Feed Support Products). Its interactive nature and the information contained in it, allows us to offer a massive source of data which you can use in drawing up the raw materials you purchase but also in drawing up your proprietary HACCP system. The FSP database can provide you with information about: the production process, possible hazards, facts about hazards, the limit and monitoring data. Click here for access to the FSP database an search for “auction”

Would you like to know the other benefits that the FSP has to offer? If so, please read on.