Insects and insect products

Thursday, April 13, 2017

In Europe it is allowed to use insects and insect products in feed. The companies who produce these insects and insect products are producers of feed materials. They need to assure the safety of the products and demonstrate as such with a GMP+ certificate.

The feed they purchase to feed their insects do not need to be GMP+ certified, HACCP requirements are applicable. Neither do  the mother insects used to breed the insects. The mother insects are not intended to be used as feed and only used for breeding.

In the flowchart an example of purchasing is given.


FSP data can support you in carrying out your hazard analysis

GMP+ International has a special database with information: FSP (Feed Support Products). Its interactive nature and the information contained in it, offers you a massive source of data which you can use in defining the risks of the feed ingredients you buy but also in drawing up your HACCP plans. The FSP database can provide you with information about: the production process of feed materials, possible hazards, facts about hazards, the limits and monitoring data. In FSP database search the raw material you purchase  or “insects” you produce, to find the accepted insect products.