GMP+ International will provide non-GMO certification

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

GMP+ International and VLOG (Verein Lebensmittel Ohne Gentechnik) from Germany, owner of a non-GMO labelling food scheme, are teaming up to work on a GMP+ FRA standard for a GMP+ non-GMO feed add-on. The organizations recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the aim to develop a GMP+ FRA add-on certificate that is compatible with the requirements of VLOG.

Also, GMP+ International will research the use of non-GMO ingredients within the feed chain. With the signing of the memorandum, GMP+ International and VLOG want to avoid double certification in the future. “This way we create a one-stop-shop”, said Johan den Hartog, Managing Director at GMP+ International. According to Den Hartog, GMP+ International saw an increase in inquiries for non-GMO certification, concerning the use of non-GMO ingredients in feed and food production in several countries in the European Union. 

Added value

VLOG is a German association that, along with stakeholders from the feed and food industry, developed a uniform non-GMO production and certification standard. VLOG supports production facilities implementing the requirements and manages uniform audits of labeled companies. In addition, VLOG also represents over 600 member companies and licensees.

GMP+ International now starts defining how the GMP+ FRA standard could be aligned with VLOG. “We will do it in close collaboration with our stakeholders”, Johan den Hartog said. The organization aims to provide a GMP+ standard for non-GMO feed which is compatible with the requirements and conditions of the VLOG Ohne Gentechnik standard. Den Hartog: “We are committed to our goal of feed certification worldwide. That’s why we are always exploring opportunities that would enhance feed responsibility certification which  realizes added value for our community.”

“GMP+ International believes that feed safety & responsibility is a non-stop process”, Den Hartog emphasized. “Along with organizations like VLOG, we share a passion for working together, as well as a commitment to bringing quality service.”