GMP+ Registered Laboratory Program

Monday, January 14, 2019

Reliable laboratory analyses are crucial for a strong and trustworthy feed safety chain. Inaccurate or false analysis results will undermine the faith in the strength of our feed safety chain, as well as endanger feed safety itself.

To facilitate market demand, GMP+ International launched the Registered Laboratory Program in March 2018.The response from the market has been very encouraging. In the GMP+ Company Database you can find all accepted Certification Bodies and laboratories:

  1. Since March 2018 six Certification Bodies have been accepted for the scope ‘Registered Laboratory’.
  2. The newly registered laboratories are based across the world:
    • Argentina (1)
    • Austria (1)
    • Bulgaria (1)
    • Hungary (1)
    • The Netherlands (2)
    • Singapore (1)
    • United States of America (1)
  3. To date, 77 laboratories have applied with their Certification Body to be accepted.

Above mentioned shows that they are committed to improve the reliability of laboratory testing by demanding an uniform performance level for the analysis of critical contaminants (Aflatoxin B1, dioxins/PCBs, heavy metals and pesticides). For more information about the program please check our website.

Please keep in mind that starting July 1st 2019 GMP+ FSA certified companies must use a registered laboratory for the analysis on critical contaminants. So, reach out to your laboratory to check if it has started the application process.