GMP+ Community grows: EMFEMA & SBK new chain partners

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

We are very proud to announce two new established partnerships with both Dutch chain partner SBK (Stichting Brancheorganisatie Kalversector) and EMFEMA (European Manufacturers of Feed Minerals Association).

Once again Feed scheme owner GMP+ International has found a partnership with a Good Agriculture Practice system manager and a food association.

SBK is the branch organization of the Dutch veal sector and provides the IKB Veal quality system for veal farmers. GMP+ International’s Managing Director Johan den Hartog and SBK’s chairman Joop Atsma signed a collaboration agreement.

The collaboration between GMP+ International and SBK encompasses the assurance of the safety of the animal feed supplied to veal farmers who participate in IKB Veal quality system for veal farmers, alignment of both the quality assurance schemes and the exchange of information between parties about perceived feed safety issues. Also, both parties are committed to sharing knowledge which will improve Feed Certification standards even more. GMP+ FSA certified companies in the Netherlands shall benefit from this.

The aim of SBK is to promote and improve production, processing and sales in the interest of the companies in the production, processing and trade of veal calves (white and rose) veal and calf feed. They manage an IKB veal quality scheme throughout the production chain, called Vital Veal. GMP+ FSA certified suppliers are promoted as a source of animal feed.


Another Chain partner agreement with EMFEMA, which was signed by Secretary General Grit Monse. The collaboration between GMP+ International and EMFEMA is part of our feed & food chain partner program. GMP+ International applies the principle of well-balanced multi-stakeholders participation to develop the GMP+ Feed Certification Scheme. This is achieved by partnerships with stakeholders in the feed chain.

Involving stakeholders in the feed & food chain in the decision making process has resulted in support and commitment from various industries within the chain towards GMP+ Feed Certification scheme. Partnerships enable us to develop market oriented products and services together, that will benefit the whole feed chain industry.

An important part of the governance of GMP+ International is the International Expert Committee and subcommittees, which consist of representatives of our chain partners. 

EMFEMA is an international non-profit association, founded in 1996 and grouping European Union located producers of macro minerals, trace element compounds and specific minerals for use in animal nutrition. In cooperation with other professional organizations from the animal feed sector, such as GMP+ International, they work for a continuous improvement of quality, safety and efficiency in animal feeding. They offer information and service in all questions concerning feed legislation, technical developments, quality standards and related issues. EMFEMA wants to be a platform for exchange and cooperation between companies producing and using mineral feed materials and additives.

Partners & Collaborations

Please find all partners on our website here. We are always looking for more partnerships and experts within the food and feed chain to chair the International Expert committee. If you are interested to partner with GMP+ International as well, please reach out to us via our Business Development team: