Be aware: webshops without GMP+ certification

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Just because companies sell GMP+ products, does not mean they themselves are GMP+ certified. Recently, GMP+ International noticed an increase in GMP+ certified products being sold through webshops. Be aware that just because they sell GMP+ products, does not mean the webshops themselves are GMP+ certified.

Because of the chain approach of the GMP+ certification scheme, each and every link (‘location’) of the feed chain needs to be certified. A webshop also qualifies as a location, even if they trade GMP+ certified products only digitally and not physically. Buying from a company that is not certified, breaks the feed safety chain.

Non-certified companies cannot demonstrate they have taken their responsibility in assuring feed safety. If there are any doubts about the safety of the products, there is no possibility to address the company on that.


Check database

As a GMP+ participant, you play a crucial role in ensuring feed safety throughout the chain, by verifying whether your supplier is GMP+ certified (or equivalent). When in doubt, please check the GMP+ company database to make sure.
If you encounter a supplier that is not certified, refer them to our website where they can get information about how to apply for GMP+ FSA certification.


Why is this important?

Trading companies of all sorts play an important role in the feed chain, especially when it comes to traceability and monitoring. If these companies sell GMP+ products while not being certified themselves, this will interrupt proceedings in case of incidents.