GMP+ Country Note Central and Eastern Europe ends in 2019

Thursday, February 8, 2018

The gatekeeper option for purchasing feed materials by producers of premixtures and compound feed in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Ukraine will terminate end December 2019. The ‘GMP+ Country Note for Additional requirements for Central & Eastern Europe’, published on January 1, 2015, will cease by the end of December 2019. Feed material suppliers in the region should obtain GMP+ FSA certification before then.

Polish, Czech, Slovakia and Ukraine feed markets thus have 22 months to become GMP+ FSA compliant.



On January1, 2015, the ‘GMP+ Country Note Central & Eastern Europe’ was launched to enable premix and compound feed companies to participate in the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) certification. The goal was to enable businesses in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Ukraine to become GMP+ FSA certified, even if not all suppliers of processed feed materials were certified.


Country note success

Poland is now the country with third highest number of GMP+ FSA participants worldwide, followed by Czech Republic.

With the termination of the Country Note, suppliers of processed feed materials active in the countries mentioned and surrounding, who are not yet GMP+ FSA certified, should take action soon to obtain the certificate, in order to be ready in time.


Valuable contributor

“The Polish and Czech markets have become valuable contributors to the whole feed supply chain”, says Johan den Hartog, Managing Director at GMP+ International. “These countries are ready to elevate to the next level of certification.”


We will Support?

GMP+ International Team, as well as Certification Bodies and Registered Consultants, are ready to assist you during the transition period.