accepts GMP+ FC Standard

Thursday, February 22, 2018

The GMP+ FC Standard has been accepted by

What is is an initiative of the Dutch Taskforce Voedselvertrouwen (Food Trust). In collaboration with the NVWA (Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority), this Taskforce has drawn up criteria (including transparency and information exchange) for private food safety and quality schemes.

To meet all criteria, a couple of changes have been implemented to the GMP+ FSA scheme over the past two years. The most recent change concerns an adjustment to the requirements for the unannounced audits. You will informed separately about this.. offers an overview of accepted quality schemes that meet these criteria. This allows companies in the food production chain to do business with reliable suppliers.

What does this mean for GMP+ FSA  certified companies? accepting the GMP+ FSA certification scheme means that your FSA certificate will be of more value. After all, from now on, you can also show your trade partners that you meet the criteria of the Dutch Taskforce Voedselvertrouwen (Food Trust).

For GMP+ FSA companies located in the Netherlands, the NVWA can adjust the supervision: the risk analysis may show that participating companies need to be inspected less or less intensively or that the focus of the NVWA can be temporarily focused on other matters (source: NVWA).