Agreement between GMP+ International and AMA-Marketing

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

In February 2018, feed safety scheme managers GMP+ International and Agrarmarkt Austria Marketing GesmbH (AMA-Marketing) agreed upon a mutual recognition of their audits.

It concerns audits for the scopes of production of compound feed and feed materials, trade, storage and transshipment, as well as road, ship and rail transport of feedstuff.

The aim of this agreement is to ensure higher quality and safety throughout the entire feedstuff supply chain in a transparent manner. Participating companies benefit from the recognition not only because of a free movement of goods, but also of better communication between the companies of the respective feed safety schemes.

The conclusion of the mutual recognition is an example of good cooperation within the feed safety chain. Good communication will continue to be valued in the future in order to be able to respond quickly and jointly take actions in possible crises situations.


Application for GMP+ companies

With reference to GMP+ A1 ‘General regulations’, article 11.1, feed companies can make use of this mutual agreement starting right away. 
A GMP+ certified company that wants to make use of the mutual recognition for delivering into the pastus chain, needs to contact AMA-Marketing and fill out a pastus-registration form. The pastus-registration form is available at the pastus homepage ( A special contract needs to be concluded and the GMP+ company will be listed on the pastus website in the roster of companies, that are allowed to deliver. An annual fee needs to be paid.


Application for pastus-companies

A pastus-company can make use of this mutual agreement for delivering into the GMP+ chain starting right away and be registered in the GMP+ company database. For this, the company needs to fill in this registration form. Also, pastus companies making use of this agreement will be invoiced according to the GMP+ fee system.


In accordance with article 11.1 of the GMP+ A1 General Regulation, companies can make use of this mutual recognition right away. This decree will be valid until publication of the new GMP+ BA10 Minimum Requirements for Purchasing on the website of GMP+ International.

Note: due to migration of the current database and website to a new portal, for the time being the company will be listed on a PDF-file. In due time, the company will be registered in the new GMP+ company database.