Scheme changes GMP+ FSA module

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Normative documents of the GMP+ FSA module have changed, effective immediately. We hereby inform you of the content of this change. Some of the important changes address: internal transport, registered laboratories, pastus+ scheme, Oqualim scheme, used of combined vehicles, verification of inland waterway ships, the countries Austria and Italy and purchase of (former) foodstuffs and palm oil.

What’s going on? 

The GMP+ International community with the International Expert Committee implemented changes in the documents. These changes ensure the feed safety, explain better the documents and align better the day to day needs of participants.

Please find all documents and a printable PDF file with a table of all changes here:
GMP+ A2 Definitions and Abbreviations
GMP+ B1 Production, Trade and Services
GMP+ B1.2 Production, Trade and Services
GMP+ B2 Production of Feed Ingredients
GMP+ B3 Trade Collection and Storage & Transshipment
GMP+ B4 Transport
GMP+ B4.3 Short Sea Shipping and Inland Waterways Transport
GMP+ BA4 Minimum Requirements for Sampling and Analysis
GMP+ BA10 Minimum Requirements for Purchasing
GMP+ BCN-NL2 Dioxin-monitoring in laying hens (rearing) feeds

Other than these document changes, we also made some editorial changes in different documents.

What we need you to do? 

Please download the latest version of these documents from our website. Make sure your company complies with the latest changes in the scheme. 

Why do I receive this warning? 

GMP+ International’s normative documents are the very foundation of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme. We strive to inform all certified companies as soon as changes occur to ensure feed safety worldwide.

At GMP+ International we continue to learn from your feedback and offer solutions to changes in market demands. If you have any questions concerning this message, please contact your GMP+ representative or get in touch with GMP+ International: or call+31 (0)70 307 4120.