New Chairman of the board of GMP+ International Expert Committee

Friday, June 29, 2018

We are very excited to announce that Prof. Dr. Ir. Wouter Hendriks from the Wageningen University & Research is appointed as the new chairman of the International Expert Committee (IEC).

Mr Hendriks is an expert in the field of animal nutrition and feeding. He will succeed Prof. Dr. Ir. Ruud Huirne, who is the Director Food & Agri of Rabobank the Netherlands, and special appointed professor of Wageningen University & Research.

The International Expert Committee is an advisory committee with independent experts from both the feed chain and the animal products processing industry. The management team of GMP+ International seeks advice regularly from the IEC and various subcommittees to sustain the quality of the GMP+ International certification scheme.

All experts within the IEC are appointed through a nomination process by their peers in the feed & food production chain worldwide.

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