Newly authorized feed materials and updated risk assessments in FSP

Thursday, July 12, 2018

A number of (new) feed materials with associated risk assessments have been approved and included in the FSP.

Within the scope of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme, which is protection of the health of animals, people and the environment, feed materials must be subjected to a safety assessment by means of a risk analysis, in accordance with the HACCP principles. Based on a desk study, carried out by the members of Technical Committee Feed Support Products (TCFSP), the risk analyses are assessed. If the assessment shows that the feed material can be inserted into the chain in a controlled manner, it will be included in the FSP product list.

After the last TCFSP meeting on June 19th, the following (new or updated) risk assessments were approved (detailed information available here).


The inclusion of new feed materials, changes in product names or removal of feed materials also effects the GMP+ Monitoring database (MDB). For new feed materials it is possible to add analytical results from now on. When a product name is changed the name will also change in the GMP+MDB. For the removed feed materials it is no longer possible to add analytical results, but the historical analytical results will still be available for consultation

If you want to apply for inclusion of new feed materials in FSP (or modification of already existing information), please, note that from now on it is possible again to submit applications. The latest date of submission is August 28th 2018. The applications submitted before that date will be assessed in the Technical Committee FSP of November 6th 2018

Applications received after August 28th 2018 will be addressed in the 1st meeting of 2019.