Specific requirements for by-products from the Oil and Fats Industry

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Today the new appendix GMP+ BA7 has been published. This appendix provides specific requirements for a number of by-products from the oil & fat industry. Compliance with these requirements aims to increase the feed safety of these by-products, when processing for the purpose of feed.These requirements are defined together with our partners, other European feed safety schemes and with the oil and fat industry.

This appendix provides a number of specific requirements which focus mainly on sourcing, producing, labelling and monitoring. The requirements are applicable both for GMP+ certificated producers and traders of the specified by-products.

Please find the GMP+ BA7 Specific requirements for by-products form Oil and Fat Industry as a printable PDF here.

For more background information about this topic, please read the Frequently Asked Questions-list, GMP+ D3.22.